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2nd Story

Welcome to 4RKids

Promoting community awareness of individuals with special needs, and providing vocational, educational, and social/recreational opportunities for children and adults with special needs.

Advocacy. Opportunities.
Relationships. Inclusion.

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Tricia Shull

It was very uplifting to see Braden so proud to go to camp this week. He has been looking forward to it all summer! Absolutely everyone involved with the camp worked so hard to make Braden included despite all his challenges. They were eager to learn about him and always ready to help. I can't  thank you all enough for giving Braden a summer activity that he did by himself (just like his brother)!

Lynn Dunn

When my son graduated from high school, vocational opportunities in Enid were very limited.  No matter what I planned for him each day, I heard “Mom, I want a job.”  4RKids has fulfilled that statement! My son is able to work in a place where he has staff that train and guide him in a positive and caring manner – staff that recognize and focus on his abilities, and allow him to feel productive every day.  He is so proud of his job and I am so proud of him.

Billy Payne

I like that 4RKids provides a large variety of projects allowing each client to accomplish as much as they can while being in a safe and caring environment.  I believe Lynsey feels a purpose from having a job and I know that she loves her job because I only have to ask if she is going to work today and she says ‘YEAH!’ and gets out of bed with a huge smile on her face.

Get to Know 4RKids Foundation Inc.

​Independence, relationships, opportunities, and inclusion for individuals with disabilities.

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In 2003, a small group of parents and educators of children and adults with special needs recognized the demand for more services and opportunities for these individuals in Garfield and surrounding counties of northwest Oklahoma. They created the 4RKids Foundation to provide opportunities.

In March 2009, the 4RKids Foundation opened The 2nd Story Employment Center, a place where adult employees with developmental disabilities find meaningful employment within an integrated community setting. 

Now, we offer a variety of services and outreach for those with special needs, and their families. We also run multiple businesses, which help with funding - and provide jobs for adult workers with developmental disabilities.

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