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4RPups dog treats are handmade in small batches and hand-packed by individuals with special needs. When you purchase our treats you are helping to provide a job and a safe working environment to an individual with special needs.

Our treats come in three different sizes - small, medium, and large - so no matter what size your dog is, there is a treat that is the right size for them! We also have the option of ordering 8 oz, 1 lb, or 3 lb bags. You can always start off ordering a little to try, but we know that your pup will be begging for more.

Ingredient List
Whole Wheat Flour
Powdered Milk
Chicken or Boullion
Garlic Powder
Parsley Flakes

Treats can be purchased through the 2nd Story Gift Shop, online or at 710 Overland Trail in Enid, OK.

More Info
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