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The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits is a nonprofit organization equipping and strengthening the Oklahoma nonprofit sector through training, consulting, advocacy, membership, networking and awards.

Our mission is “empowering nonprofits to achieve excellence in their missions.”

The Standards for Excellence® clinic series is OKCNP’s flagship program. It is nationally-renowned and tailored to Oklahoma nonprofits, offering them an ethics and accountability model they can apply to their own organizations. Public policy and membership serves as the advocacy arm of OKCNP. These programs act as the unified voice of the nonprofit sector in the legislature and throughout the community.

Please call us at 1-800-338-1798 to learn how we can support your nonprofit.


Better Nonprofits Create a Better Oklahoma. As the state’s most trusted advisor to charitable nonprofits throughout Oklahoma, OKCNP is the voice of the sector and a champion for the diverse missions of our nonprofit community. We envision changed lives and improved communities because of the work and impact of nonprofit organizations. Our nonprofits are more effective when they operate as a network, strive for excellence and deliver programs with the greatest impact possible in their communities.

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