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Recycled Cardboard

Shredding & Recycling

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Document Destruction is a shredding service provided by the Recycling Center. The shredding service is performed by adult workers with developmental disabilities under the supervision of state certified job coaches. All proceeds from this service benefit the 4RKids Foundation.

The 4RKids Foundation will provide locking document containers for the storage of your documents within your business. Employees of the 4RKids Foundation will remove all documents from the locking containers at your business and transport those documents in a locked container to the Recycling Center.  Your documents will be shredded by our loyal employees and all paper is recycled, saving land, space, and reducing the carbon footprint.  Our services are being utilized by accountants, lawyers, doctors, oil companies, and multiple other professionals in our community.  Your business will provide an employment opportunity for our employees. 

We provide free containers in two sizes:

- Small container: Holds approximately 40 lbs. of paper, $15 per document removal.

- Large container: Holds approximately 80-110 lbs. of paper, $30 per document removal


Drop off shredding is $ 0.75/ per lb

4RKids also recycles cardboard.


We offer local pick-up for large quantities of cardboard, or you can drop your cardboard off in the bin by our building at 1109 Overland Trail, Enid, OK 73703.

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